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Men In Action Male strippers in Sydney For Hens Parties And Bachelorette Parties.

Here is a list commonly asked questions about our Sexy Male strippers

1. How much are your male strippers in Sydney?
Prices Start at $250. Each stripper’s price varies depending on how far they have to travel to your event.

2. How do I know which strippers are close to my area?
We can’t say where the male strippers live but they are in the Sydney area, so the best thing to do is choose three to five strippers that you like and call us for pricing and availability.

3. Are there any travel fee’s I will be asked to pay?
We include all travel fees in the price quote for each male stripper in Sydney If you are asked for an extra travel fee, please call us and let us know. You do not owe an extra travel fee.

4. How do we pay for the male stripper in Sydney?
Your male stripper will be collecting cash payment in full, upon arrival to the party.

5. Will I be given a receipt for payment?
Yes, we can provide a receipt of the deposit to Men in Action.

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